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Service price list

All services include a safety check

Safety Check £25.00


Check & Adjust Breaks

Check & Adjust Gears

Check Bearings & Bottom Bracket

Lubricate Drivetrain

Check Tyres & Inflate to Correct Pressure

Service One £35.00


Safety Check

Lubricate Cables

Check & Tighten all nuts and bolts to correct tightness

Check Drivetrain for Wear

FREE Fitting of any parts required

Parts Not Included

Service Two £50.00


Service One Plus:

Check Wheels for Trueness (additional cost for trueing)

Bike Clean

Fit as many parts as required (except hydraulic bleeding)

Parts Not Included

Service Three £80.00


Service Two Plus:

Complete Strip of Frame

Frame Deep Cleaned

All Ballbearings & Cables Cleaned & Greased

Frame Checked for Cracks or Damage

All Components Cleaned and Lubricated

Bearings & Cables Checked for Wear

Fit any parts that are required

Parts Not Included

Junior Service £25.00


Same as Service One for Junior Bikes with 20 inch wheel or smaller


PDI Bike Box Build £30.00

Bike Wash with gear and brake check, adjustment if needed £20.00


Brake Service (not including hydraulic) £15.00

Parts Not Included

Hydraulic Brake Service £25.00 Parts Not Included

Gear Service (Parts Not Included) £20.00